Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1989 Tour de France Jerseys

Wow! What an amazing Tour. Greg LeMond wins on the last day, winning overall by :08 seconds ( the closest margin ever ). The Dutch PDM team takes 4 of the 5 "Leaders Jerseys". Cycling in the US was a low tier sport until LeMond won then Lance Armstrong ( though we all know what a shitbag he is now ). So finding European cycling jerseys here in the US was always had to come by, until latley. With the internet, places like eBay and Craigslist, I can now try to find some of these sports jerseys I've long coveted. Today (2-19-2013) I just aquired from England the red "Chase" jersey...and I'm so happy. I got one more to go to complete the set...I'll keep looking, hopefully I find it in my lifetime. Till then, here's a lil more on the 1989 TDF ~

For the 1989 edition of the Tour de France, the Societe de Tour de France commissioned notable Italian pop painter/sculptor, Mario Schifano, to re-design the Tour's official jerseys. The jerseys were manufactured by Castelli of Italy. This is the complete set of the five official jerseys used in the 1989 Tour de France, which were: Yellow, King of the Mountains, Green, Red and Combination. (There was no white jersey, for best young rider, awarded in the 1989 Tour.)
These are rare jerseys, and a complete set is extremely hard, if not impossible, to find.  As of today Feb -2013 I own 4 of these jersey. The best complete rider or "The Combination Jersey" ( 2nd one from the right ) still eludes me.

Yellow - Overall Classification
Greg Lemond won the "Maillot Jaune" this year in what many consider the greatest Tour ever, when he beat Laurent Fignon by 8 seconds in the final stage.

Map of the World

King of the Mountains
Dutchman Gert Jan Theunisse from the PDM team won this jersey, the "Maillot a Pois," in 1989. This is my favorite of all jerseys.
Schifano designed this with 4 different Tour de France Mtn profiles..wish I knew which ones
To this day Theunisse is the last person to win the fabled Alpe d'Huez while wearing the Maillot a Pois - I would pay someone handsomely for this jersey with the PDM logos.
Irishman Sean Kelly, the great sprinter and classics rider, won the "Maillot Vert" jersey this year - one of five Green jerseys he won during his career. I've don't have the jersey as pictured below...mine has the PDM logo on both front and back.
Artwork is of a racer bursting thru the middle of a sprint to take the win.
Red - Intermediate Sprints
Dutchman Steven Rooks from PDM (who won the KoM in 1988) won the "Maillot Rouge" this year. This was the last year in which the Red jersey was awarded. I just got this jersey in today which is also whay I am proudly creating this blog.
Wheels on Fire! Burning Rubber!
And this is the only jersey that still eludes me...I'll be chasing this one till the day I die.
Combination - Best Combined Score
Along with the Green "Points" jersey, Irishman Sean Kelly won this jersey as well. 1989 was the last year for this jersey. Together with the red jersey, it was eliminated as part of a simplification plan instituted by the Societe de Tour de France.
Hope you like these images and a lil bit of Tour de France history. If you have any of these jerseys and want to part with them please contact me..as they would be apprieciated and cared for, in my hands.
Like to also thank Ray Dobbins for most of these images.

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  1. I had the combination jersey and mountains jersey in my youth! I'm sorry to say I gave the combination jersey to a charity shop a few years ago during a house move. Had I still got it, I would gladly have helped complete your collection.
    If you are interested in another mountains jersey, let me know!