Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Spring Line-up

Been a busy week with work and all....but I finally got the last ( haha ) of my seeds in for the year. Last year I overplanted in a big way so of course I said I was gonna keep the squash outta the raised bed and make 'em climb vertically. But when I found these Red Kuri Squash I also stumbled upon the Moon and Satrs Watermelon and the Sweet Meat Squash.

Think sometimes if I won the lottery I would just have a massive garden n chill all day ... well here's what seeds I got dor this year....

Red Kuri Squash ( Japanese )
Sweet Meat Squash
Sweet Potato Squash
Moon and Stars Watermelons
     Also growing ( but not pictured ) Acorn Squash, Pickiling Cucumbers ( Boston's ), and Red Bell Peppers. Now the tomatoes are gonna be fun this year. I'm growing at least 4 of each ot these so I will have plenty for sauce, and salsa's. Also gonna learn to make Kansas City Barbecue this season. And here are the toms...
Tim's Black Ruffles Tomatoes
Speckled Romans Tomatoes
Purple Russian Tomatoes
Hazel Mae Tomatoes
Blue Fruit Tomatoes
Azoychka Tomatoes
Amish Gold Paste Tomatoes

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