Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Samsung EX2F - macro camera

     Last year I couldn't get the macro shots I wanted ( flowers, insects, etc ). So I looked into the capabilities of my Nikon Coolpix...while it's an okay camera the closest focus point in Macro mode is 4 inches away...NOT GOOD. So I just bought a Samsung EX2F from Adorama. Tons of great cameras in this price range, but this one lets me get within 1cm (.04 inches and still focus ). Fresh outa the box this am, here's a few pix....1st one is of the ever-curious Phoenix.

Then some seeds ~ Moon and Stars Watermelons ( very cool close up )
Red Kuri Squash
and last the Densuke Watermelon
Great camera the Samsung EX2F, gotta play with it alot more. Gonna be a great summer!!!

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